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Maxrock Sleep Earphones P103

Maxrock Sleep Earphones P103

Sleeping earphones earplugs headphones

All-day Comfortable – super light soft design can’t feel them in ear even sleeping on the side, total squishy silicone incredible comfortable for 24hours wear
Ergonomic Ear Size Design: made of two size eartips fit entirely in ear for most size ear canals according to plug it in certain deep of your ear, and the soft and flexible silicone ear house enable it to fit and stay in ear perfectly avoiding falling out.
Earplugs Noise Isolating Design– In-ear earplug design effectively drown out background noise , perfect to block out the snoring, living-room TV sound , office noise and roommate move…and protect your listening in loud noisy environment
Clear& Crisp Audio Performance- Super mini speaker to offer the best in-ear snug experience ,still have good performance for treble and mids without distortion, little lack of bass considering for the silicone house and 5mm speaker, main attraction to make sure the soft comfy for long time wear.
In-Line Mic& Bonus Zipper Carry Case– in-line microphone easy to take call and Control&adjust the songs; matched durable zipper case to keep the earplugs sleep earphones ,three months no hassle return and replace.

Ear plugs Headphones: Incredible Soft Silicone Fit

Adopt the high quality soft silicone ear plugs offer all-day comfortable wear

Are You the One Need Music to Fall Asleep or Side Sleeper?

If you happened the one need fall asleep to music, this is the unique earplugs earphones you can’t miss, this kind headphone with the most comfortable ergonomic ear tip design, adopted high quality super soft silicone, you can easily relax on your side, head on the pillow, and no feeling the pressure and pain into ears when normal headsets might be too large or bothersome to cause the pain and poked eardrum to wake up in sleep. Really the sleep and travel hit for you ! Perfect for Sleeping, Sports, Air Travel, Meditation and Relaxation

Are You the One Sensitive for the Snoring of Partner and Noise Around?

The earplugs design help you effectively to drown out the snoring, roommate move, noises outside bedroom, office noise and ambient noises , help you to improve your sleep for listening music, white noise and other sleep app

Is this the professional Noise Isolating earbuds

For this noise isolating earbuds,is passive physical noise reduction just like the earplugs, but could play music like the normal earbuds, and aim to offer the best comfortable music listening experience, could work well to reduce the noise like above the term.

And which is not the professional active noise reducing earbuds with the noise filter chip, and the price is less a lot than that kind professional earbuds, so if you just looking for the professional noise isolating earbuds, please kindly consider before purchase, thanks

Is there back up different eartips matched or change?

For this is the total silicone earphone house, is made from the mould, so can’t match other eartips to exchange.

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